Find Karaoke Pubs in Sydney

Find Karaoke Pubs by the Day of the week. There maps for each day of the week using Google interactive maps. Each with markers for the pubs location, that contain start times and allow you to get directions to the karaoke Pub. The maps are updated regularly to reflect the most up to date information.

Shows that do not offer a chance to sing more than one song and those with overly long waiting time between songs have been omitted. There is no point promoting shows that are already to busy. Karaoke pubs with poor quality shows have also been omitted from our maps. Our goal is to help enthusiasts and people visiting or new to Sydney find quality  shows.

Shows with questionable karaoke tracks with systems that are not registered with Music Rights Australia are not displayed. Only shows managed by operators that have a legitimate right to the karaoke tracks in their song list are included.

The blue markers are unreviewed. The Orange markers are highly recommended karaoke show that have been reviewed. The latter have been verified by independent reviewers to ensure they meet the standard expected of a recommended show. Every effort is made to verify the integrity of the operator at these karaoke pubs. Venues that do not meet these standards are removed.