Secret Code of Karaoke Revealed


Did you know there is a secret language that is spoken only at karaoke. It’s true. With universal simplicity that belies the cosmic symmetry at work when it is employed. To the uninitiated it must be like when mankind first rubbed two sticks together giving birth to fire. It’s a code that every Karaoke Host will understand and it signifies that you are to be respected as a performer. Even if you are a terrible singer. It’s a language of symbols. Never spoken. It is encrypted on the performers Song Request Slip, the piece of paper that has their Name, Song and Artist and allows the Host to enter them into the Singer Rotation so they can perform.


The great thing about this secret code is how easy it is to remember. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Did you know that the Host can change the pitch of a song. At will. Or at your request. And did you know you can sing your song choices in any order you like. And you can hand the Karaoke Host multiple song requests at once, and he will know what order you would like to sing them. It’s true. Well it’s true if you know the secret language. The secret is all about putting a special code on the Song Request Slip. You will still need to put your Name, Song and the Artist on the slip of paper. But in addition to this you can add easy to remember codes on the Song Request Slip as well. It really is that simple. Seriously.


If you want to hand the Host multiple song request all at once and have the Karaoke Host call you up to sing the songs in the order you desire then write a number inside a circle in the top right hand side of the song request slip. The number you write should correspond to the order you want to sing the songs. Starting with 1 for the first song, then progressing in chronological order for each successive song. While there is no guarantee you will get to perform all the songs that you have requested, it will save you the time and humiliation of going up and handing the Host your song requests one at a time like any old riff raff. Or potentially much worse, having the Karaoke Host choose the order of your songs.


Karaoke song request

If you want the pitch of your requested songs to be changed this is almost just as easy. Almost. You can drop or lift the pitch of a song by up to four semi tones in either directions. This feature is absolute magic for bringing a song that you never dreamed you could sing into your vocal range. And make it your own. A part you. The code for this is a number with an arrow pointing either up or down. The number represents the number of semi tones you want to change and the arrow tells the Host if the pitch is to go up or down. This should be written in the bottom right corner of the Song Request Slip. Be careful you leave enough space for this.


That’s it. That is the Secret of Karaoke Revealed. So simple yet a powerful means of letting the Host know exactly what you want without the risk of staining your vocal chords. Priceless. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Never use this code anywhere but during a karaoke show. It won’t be understood. While it’s unlikely to cause widespread devastation, it will leave you looking a little silly. And social distain is counter productive. It’s a bit like dressing in drag and wearing cologne. Well, O’kay, it’s not actually like that. But you shouldn’t do that either. Next time you are at karaoke use it and watch the look of respect on the Hosts face. He or She will know you are a part of a secret society older than the Digital Age. Tell no one.