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Secret Code of Karaoke Revealed

Secret Code of Karaoke Revealed


Did you know there is a secret language that is spoken only at karaoke. It’s true. With universal simplicity that belies the cosmic symmetry at work when it is employed. To the uninitiated it must be like when mankind first rubbed two sticks together giving birth to fire. It’s a code that every Karaoke Host will understand and it signifies that you are to be respected as a performer. Even if you are a terrible singer.¬†It’s a language of symbols. Never spoken. It is encrypted on the performers Song Request Slip, the piece of paper that has their Name, Song and Artist and allows the Host to enter them into the Singer Rotation so they can perform. Continue reading →

Microphone Technique for Karaoke in Sydney

When singing Karaoke in Sydney’s pubs and clubs sounding good comes down to microphone technique.

When you sing into a microphone at karaoke do you sound nasally? Too quiet? Or do you sound like a barking dog? The reason is poor microphone technique. Knowing the basics will significantly improve you’re sound. The microphone is probably the easiest instrument to learn. And if you consider the microphone an instrument you have the right perspective. Continue reading →