Karaoke in Rooty Hill Friday at the Lone Pine Tavern

Karaoke Hire Supplier: Karaoke Samurai

13-15 Rooty Hill Rd S,
Rooty Hill NSW 2766

Karaoke Friday 8 pm to Midnight.

Date reviewed: 15/12/17
Songlist: 15,500
Song Quality: 9/10
Sound Set up: 8/10
Participants talent: Enthusiastic
Brands: Large Quality Selection
Atmosphere: Party, party.
Host: Excellent facilitator.
Wait between karaoke songs: 35 minutes to 1 hour

The Lone Pine Tavern,  has a karaoke show every Friday night. There is disco lighting and an excellent sound system. The karaoke is held in the lounge bar, where there is also a bistro with well priced hearty Australian cuisine. As it’s the end of the working week there are often office groups. The crowds come in tides. It can be quiet with only a dozen people in the room and within 15 minutes the place is packed. This is the only karaoke in the area. The operator of this karaoke Sydney show manage several top karaoke shows in Sydney.

Tim McMahon (Entertainment Blogger)
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Lone Pine Tav Karaoke 37  Lone Pine Karaoke stage Lone Pine Karaoke

Karaoke in Rooty Hill Friday